The first meet & greet

Some photos a few hours after Oliver was born, when he got to meet some of his (Australian) family for the first time!

My two boys. 
Look how chubby Ollie looks! I know he was a big boy at 9lbs but really he isn't chunky at all. He was just very swollen from birth. Oh, how I wish those cheeks would have stuck around at least a few more days! 

Ollie and his Great Auntie Julie! 
We LOVE her and were so happy she was up from Melbourne :) 

Auntie Julie and cousin Asher...and cousin Hart #2 (to arrive this February)! 

Cuddling up with his oldest cousin, Will

Auntie Karen, Will, Ewan, Bryn and Ben! So many boys! 

Kisses from Benny Boy Xx

Grandma Carol 

And one more of my little man, only a few hours old, just because I think he's pretty cute. 

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