is it?

is fiji better than thailand? 
i guess we'll find out in 7 weeks! woo hoo!


the man in black

"You build on failure. You use it as a stepping stone. Close the door on the past. You don't try to forget the mistakes, but you don't dwell on it. You don't let it have any of your energy, or any of your time, or any of your space." Johnny Cash


holiday in the sun

After Christmas me, David, my brother-in law James, his wife Amy, and Weston our cute baby nephew, took a road trip to Sydney for New Years and to see our newest nephew Ben who was only one week old! So many boys! That makes a total of 5 nephews, all under 5 years old, for us! And one girl, my girl Aleese back in AZ (miss you Bubby)! 

Anyway, this was our trip:

New Year's day, Bondi Beach, Sydney 

New Year's Eve. Waiting around for 2011. 

Most amazing firework display at the Sydney Opera House. 

On George St in Sydney, looking to my left. SO many people! 

After our trip in Sydney, David and I said goodbye to everyone and drove to Melbourne to spend time with Carol, my mother-in-law and David's grandparents, Peg and Jack. It was so much fun! Melbourne is such an artsy city but my most favorite thing was not in the city, but far in the country in a place called Cape Shank. 


These are the rock pools along the ocean that we went swimming in. Look how clear they are! It really was so pretty here and so much fun! 

Cushion Bushes! You can actually sleep on these things! 

Meet Peg, David's hilarious, feisty grandma! See how proud she is of her grandson? It's precious! David took the time to paint her house that was in desperate need of a fresh coat. 

Exhibition Center, Melbourne City,

This trip was such a good time! I can't wait to go to Sydney and Melbourne again. There still is so much more I need to do in those places! But for now, we are back home and back to work, savin' up for our next trip, Thailand in April!!!!