a saturday full of football

So last Saturday, David's football team, the Yeronga Devils,  had their first game in the play offs and they won! Actually, they KILLED the other team, by about 128 points! Good job boys!

 And that night we went to a professional AFL game (my first) at The Gabba with some close friends. It was Brisbane Lions vs Gold Coast Suns. We were going for the Suns, even though we live in Brisbane, because that is where David grew up. Unfortunately they are a brand new team and terrible, so they lost! Somday Suns...

At the end of the game, they let everyone run onto the field and kick footy's (er - footballs) around! How cool is that? It's crazy and pretty scary, balls were flying everywhere, I'm lucky I didn't get hit in the face.   However dear old David tried to do a specky on my back and practically broke my neck!!