on this day, last year...

david asked me to marry him! 

one of the best days and happiest moments of my life. i love you david! xoxo


saturday business

this saturday was such a blast! the day consisted of a morning of tennis with heath and kiersten, followed by us girls cheering on heath and david at their football game, and ended with kier and i doing a little shopping! whenever kier and i hang out, it always seems shopping is involved. i think heath might not like me for that reason ;) i LOVE having kiersten just around the corner from us. sometimes i don't know what i would do without her here. and it is pretty awesome that our husband's are BFFs, like us. 


if you didn't notice david's hair looks a bit odd in the picture above, just look a this! 

there are just...no words. okay maybe, there are. like, HUH? WHAT? WHY?
he likes puck's hair from glee. and he was playing football this weekend and needed to shave his head and kinda always wanted to have a mohawk and then this happened.  

good thing he's such a stone cold fox huh!


living with a handyman

did i ever mention that david is such a handyman? he's a carpenter so by default he loves to make/build things. for his birthday, he asked for wood. haha wood? i know, but that's what he really wanted. he decided to make a like, mini wardrobe thing to go in our room since our closet was made for a baby (or something). 

on our balcony workin' away on the frame. 

and wah-lah! the end result. impressive huh? i love it, it's so nice. you know what else is nice? being married to someone with his skills. our coffee table was already crafted from his hands, what should he make next?  


hip hip hoo-ray!

happy birthday to david ! he turned 27 last saturday and he has never looked so good! 
we had such a fun night celebrating with friends, enjoying a bbq, some basketball, and a good old fashioned game of bowling! which i have to brag...i beat david. i BEAT DAVID ALLEN with a sad score of 84. haha. that never happens people. it was awesome! he claims he was going for speed/power rather than points. right! ;) PS check it; we both chopped our hair together (no more long mops)! 

meet my pen pal

this is aleese, my favorite girl in the world! she is a crack up. she is sassier than any 15 year old girl i know. she is clever and sweet and has the most creative imagination. she loves to shop (thanks to her Gma!) and she also needs to practice her letters. her mom (my sister kaylynn) asked me if i'd like to be her pen pal and i was so excited! since david and i live literally on the other side of the world, i am not able to be involved much in her life so i'm really looking forward to this.