it pays to be an optimist

after a week long of rainy weather, we were longing for a sunny weekend down the coast. to our dismay, on saturday morning we woke up to a grey and dreary overcast!!! but we were HOPEFUL and full of wishful thinking, so David, me, Kier, and Heath headed down to our favorite spot, Burleigh Beach. On the way there the weather wasn't looking good, there was talk of even cutting our loses and turning around. But good thing we didn't! By the time we got there, it was the PERFECT BEACH DAY! 

we spent all day and night down the gold coast. eating burritos, playin bash ball, swimming, soaking up the sun (we gotta build up our tolerance, thailand is in 2 weeks!) and then hot tubbing, wings, nachos, dessert (you can eat all that junk food on the weekend, right?!) and a game of monopoly under the moonlight at the beach. talk about the best saturday!