a tale of a wet n wild christmas

Our Christmas Day

After I decided being in the rain was too cold for me, David decided to get me wet with the hose so i couldn't back out of the slip n slide! BOYS!! 

Covered in dish soap, I did it! And it was so much fun! 

This is how we spent our Christmas. Weird huh? :)


have yourself a merry little christmas

Be merry.
Give of yourself.
& Remember. 

I really do love this season. 
And this is mine and David's first Christmas together as an official Mr & Mrs. 
We're pretty excited to share Christmas morning all to ourselves. 
I have promised a delicious batch of chocolate chip banana pancakes with homemade syrup ...mmmm...

Merry Christmas! 


a new beginning!

husband & wife since 08.07.2010

what a wonderful/perfect first week! 

now, with the honeymoon sadly over, 
we head back to Australia (our home for the next few years), 
and reality sets in! not that it won't be wonderful
but the days of sleeping in, vacationing in beautiful homes on the beach, 
and just doing whatever we'd like to all day long, are over. 

remember that thing called a job, courtney and david? or a place called home, 
that we still need to move into? 
yeah, we have a lot to do back in brisbane. 

so long america, i'll miss you dearly! 
especially your endless frozen yogurt shops, 
inexpensive EVERYTHING, dr. pepper, and of course, the fact that you
are the residence to my lovely family and my closest friends. 

we'll be back soon(ish).