Our favorite spot

Another Saturday at the beach! We are pretty lucky to be less than an hour away from one of our favorite spots, Burleigh Beach (which I know I've mentioned quite a few times), where David grew up. It is seriously so gorgeous! It never gets old. 



a Saturday at Currumbin Beach. This is why I love Australia!

Sunday Stroll to the Park

Halloween in the Springtime


Thank you Mom for the box of Count Chocula, candy corn, and caramels!
It made halloween so much better with these staples. We made caramel apples,
ate candy corn, and watched a marathon of scary movies!

Pumpkin carving with our besties, the Harts. 

We decided to carve Voldemort. I was skeptical because we had to use kitchen
knives instead of pumpkin carving tools but wouldaya look at that pumpkin!! 
We did good babe!

Ghostface & Voldemort, freaakkky! 

Ghostface and Rosie the Riveter (no one got it). We were pretty lame this year on 
costumes. I used what was in my closet and David was Ghostface for the 4th time. 
We promise to do better next year.