So me and Kiersten found out some GREAT news the other day...Miss McKenna has finally booked her flight to Australia after years! years i say! of talking about it. We are kind of way too excited and have already started planning the most fun things to do with her in Brissy. We may or may not have already talked about kicking David and Heath out so we can have sleepovers. It's going to be like Christmas in June for us. 

We can't wait for you to get her Kenna! 


Valentines is A REAL HOLIDAY

Despite David's claims that Valentine's Day is not a real holiday (ugh, Australians!) we celebrated! It was actually a really laid back fun night and I wouldn't have had it any other way. Thanks for making me feel special everyday Mr Allen, I know "we don't need a holiday to do that" but it's still fun ;) 

Snuck out and heart attacked this fella's car and left a little love note stuck to the window. 
He was surprised, and happy, and surprisingly not embarrassed at all (dangit!) 

We had a lovely dinner at the Breakfast Creek Hotel. 
Thumbs up for their T-Bone Steak! Mmmm! 

My very own tennis racket! I was seriously thrilled! Note the cute red bow (David never uses ribbons--he really tried on this one haha).

Now try to look past the creepy mustache and check that face! Pure SURPRISE! I got David so good!
He had now idea we were about to see Wicked until he found the tickets I had hid in his napkin at dinner! 

No..that is not the stage they performed on! Haha. I've seen Wicked before in NY and the Australian cast did not disappoint. They were amazing! We had such a good time and couldn't stop singing all the songs all the way home on the train. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day like we did! 


mint ruffles

Here's my theory:
If you find a cute, flattering one piece swimsuit, you buy it! No questions asked. 
These precious things are hard to come by (at least in my case).