a new beginning!

husband & wife since 08.07.2010

what a wonderful/perfect first week! 

now, with the honeymoon sadly over, 
we head back to Australia (our home for the next few years), 
and reality sets in! not that it won't be wonderful
but the days of sleeping in, vacationing in beautiful homes on the beach, 
and just doing whatever we'd like to all day long, are over. 

remember that thing called a job, courtney and david? or a place called home, 
that we still need to move into? 
yeah, we have a lot to do back in brisbane. 

so long america, i'll miss you dearly! 
especially your endless frozen yogurt shops, 
inexpensive EVERYTHING, dr. pepper, and of course, the fact that you
are the residence to my lovely family and my closest friends. 

we'll be back soon(ish).