the last 10 months via my iphone

Tonight I realized I have been MIA on my blog for awhile...almost a year! Geesh, I'm bad at this. I decided the easiest way to fill you in on the last 10 months is through pictures on my phone:

We moved into a new house on the southside, and we really love it here. 

Quality time with the nephews - they're getting so old! 

Road trip to Toowoomba through the Great Dividing Range

David turns 28! This picture cracks me up, how unhappy does he look here? In his defense, it was early. Like, still-dark-outside early. I woke up and made him french toast before work and I think he was still waking up here :) 

Kiersten is pregnant!!!!

Easter getaway to Deer Park 

Our first time meeting little Maeli, our sweet baby neice

New do! 

Kiersten & Heath found out they're having a boy! 

2012 Olympics.

Congrats to Damo and Bonnie on welcoming into the world their lovely son Harry! 

David and I celebrate our two year anniversary at Rainbow Beach! Feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have such an amazing husband - Love you Dave! 

Wheww! Like I said, 10 months is a long time. So... TO BE CONTINUED! :)


Knicks @ The Garden // The M&M Factory

Just a few other things we did...

PS check out that diva in the top left corner at the M & M Factory. She was legit and obsessed with David. All she wanted was a picture with him. Haha too funny. 

Izzy & Nats

This place is hands down, one of the best restaurant/cafes I have ever been to! It is so dang cute and the food is AMAZING! Seriously -- we went there like 5 times. Please, if you ever go to NY, 
go to Izzy & Nats in Battery Park. 

Order the... hot chocolate,
pastrami sandwich,
french toast (the best i've ever had),
and the hashbrowns w/pastrami 

You will thank me ;)


the tourist-y stuff

Bubba Gump Shrimp (the restaurant). A first for the both of us and it did not disappoint! Very good food. We decided to go there after we walked by and I had to explain Forrest Gump's relation to Bubba Gump Shrimp (I think David is the only one on the planet who hasn't seen the movie).  

isn't he just a great poser? haha

No relation! Just the same name as Grandpa Allen. 

With a view of Time Square. Pretty cool! 

Times Square. 

One night we got talked into going into the Ripely's Believe it or Not! place, just to kill an hour. It was actually pretty fun despite the fact that the place gave me the creeps! It was all the scary facts. It felt more like a haunted house but we had a good time and got a pretty good laugh out of it! 

The Rockefeller Center